March 15, 2016 0 Comments Food, Lifestyle

Dairy Free Diaries (DFD)

So I thought I’d start a regular segment on the blog dedicated to the daily challenge of providing Miss E with a balanced dairy free diet. At around 6 months old, Miss E was diagnosed with a Dairy and Soya allergy. It all started 2 months prior to that when we ended up in A&E after I’d noticed blood in her very mucousy stools. At the time, I was exclusively breastfeeding but we noticed that she was displaying signs of Colic i.e. lots of unexplained crying and discomfort. She also threw up a lot, her breathing was wheezy and she suffered from eczema. I thank God everyday for the Paediatrician on call that day because she suggested that Miss E could actually be suffering from reflux caused by a dairy allergy. She advised me to cut out all dairy and soya products from my diet and see if it made a difference. Within 2 weeks of my doing so, most of the previously mentioned systems had disappeared or improved significantly. We subsequently had her diagnosed as suffering from a Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA) and she has been under the care of a nutritionist ever since.


Her diet was relatively easy whilst I was breastfeeding but things got a bit more interesting once we weaned her onto solids. We actually did this at 4 months instead of the usual 6 on the advice of her consultant. I started with the usual fruit and veg purees and gradually expanded the texture and types of food. I was also able to move her onto Neocate, a hypoallergenic formula around the age of 9 months when I started back at work.

At 19 months, Miss E eats pretty much whatever we eat with some modification when required. As a household we switched over to diary free milk and fats to reduce the chances of contaminating her food. The only areas which I really struggle to find a good substitute for her is yoghurt, cheese and icecream. It is very difficult to find a diary and soya free yoghurt which still has the added calcium she needs. With cheese, the main difficulty is texture and taste and most icecream substitutes use soya.