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Vegan Diaries | June 2016

I thought I’d update you guys on my vegan journey. In short I’m not a vegan yet… I am not even close. I decided to take the process slowly and cut out animal products bit by bit. I tried being a vegetarian, which lasted all of a week. I actually quite enjoyed the process as it forced me to give serious thought to what I was putting into my body. I had to find alternative sources of protein, which in turn opened up a whole new world of food to me. I never realised how lazy and unimaginative being a meat eater can make you.

plant protein

My main sources of protein was Chia seeds, Quinoa, Beans and Pulses, Nuts and Seeds. I was also supplementing with Plant Fusion Phood Shake. It is a 100% plant based whole food supplement.


I discovered the joys of lentils, cauliflower bread, using cinnamon in stews and the beauty that is chia and overnight oats. I’m thinking about trying again as I did manage to lose a small amount of weight, even in just that brief period.


I wish I made this!

This too!

This too!