June 13, 2016 0 Comments Food, Lifestyle, Motherhood

DFD | Koko Dairy Free Yoghurt

I’ve been on the hunt for a dairy and soya free yoghurt for Miss E. Making sure she gets enough calcium is always a concern with her dairy allergies and I’m trying to build up as many sources as I can. Most dairy free yoghurts from brands such as Alpro and supermarket branded products contain soya which is also a big no no for Miss E. I’ve tried the Redwood ‘Wot No Dairy?’ brand, which is dairy and soya free and whilst Miss E seemed to like it, it’s only available in specialist health food shops. I’ve also tried Coyo, which is available in Tesco but has quite a sour flavour and more importantly has no added calcium.



Whilst browsing through Instagram one day I came across the new Koko Dairy Free Yoghurt and was very happy to see that it was also soya free. It uses coconut milk and has the added calcium I want, and the best bit is that it’s available in Asda. It comes in 5 flavours, Plain, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach & Passion fruit and Coconut & Lemon. You only get two 125g pots per pack which is a shame as I’d rather have 4 smaller pots. We’ve so far tried the Strawberry and Coconut & Lemon flavours and miss E can’t get enough of them. I’ve tried them too and they are very yummy, so I am one very happy mummy (I rhymed!!). Now all I need is a good cheese substitute…the search continues!