Aziza's Secret Fairy Door

Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door is the first title in a new, young magical adventure series written under the pen name, Lola Morayo. Featuring a little girl, Aziza, who loves fairies and lives with her mum, dad and older brother in a city flat. This magical story is inspired by fairies from world mythology and features gorgeous black and white illustrations by Cory Reid.


Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun

Onyeka and The Academy of the Sun follows 12-year-old British-Nigerian girl Onyeka who discovers that her hair has psychokinetic powers when trying to save her friend from drowning in a pool. Her mother reveals that she is a Solari, part of a secretive group of mutants unique to Nigeria. Onyeka is taken from London to a futuristic Nigeria, where she can train at the Academy of the Sun—a school where the Solari are taught to harness their powers and use them to protect their country.

Daddy Do My Hair

Daddy Do My Hair?’ is a series of books which celebrate the unique and special relationship between father and child. Each book features a father-child duo and challenge some of the perceptions and preconceptions around race, gender roles within parenting, bullying, friendships and relationships.