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It’s finally here!!   The My Hair Care Nightmare Documentary Crowd Funding campaign is LIVE and I’d love you to get involved.

I’ve teamed up with Abi Begho of Lake Health & Wellbeing and filmmaker Sheila Marshall to answer the question: Are Black Hair Care Products Safe? We aim to highlight the recent research which showed that 80% of black hair products tested contain endocrine disrupting chemicals and ingredients linked to asthma.

Our goal is to educate and empower women caring for Afro textured hair so they can make an informed decision about the products they choose to buy and use. The film also seeks to highlight alternative and safer brands so that consumers realise they have options.

We need your support by making a donation to our crowd funding campaign and helping us spread the word so we can raise the funds to make this film a reality. We want to make a big splash and create a buzz so go ahead and SHOUT about the campaign on your social media platforms and feel free to let your networks know. We started a hashtag #MyHaircareNightmare where people can share their hair and product stories.

The link to our Indiegogo Campaign Page is https://igg.me/at/myhaircarenightmare

We’ve included some images and videos in the Dropbox folder below. Please use #myhaircarenightmare and tag us @myhaircarenightmare (Instagram) and @myhaircarenigh1(twitter).


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Are your hair care products safe? My Haircare Nightmare documentary aims to find out. Support @myhaircarenightmare (Instagram)/ @myhaircarenigh1 (twitter) Indiegogo campaign to help make this film happen. https://bit.ly/2NwnOJm #MyHaircareNightmare #HaircareNightmare

We’re supporting @myhaircarenightmare (Instagram)/ @myhaircarenigh1 (twitter) indiegogo campaign because 80% of hair products marketed at black women contain potentially harmful ingredients. Be part of the REVOLUTION by giving at https://bit.ly/2NwnOJm. #MyHaircareNightmare #HaircareNightmare

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What We Know

Research published in April in Environmental Research found that 80% of black hair products in this study contain endocrine disrupting (EDC) and asthma-associated chemicals. A second study published in 2017 by researchers at Rutgers University found a link between breast cancer and the use of hair dyes and relaxers and a research study published in 2012 identified a small link between fibroids and relaxers.

We surveyed 215 black women and 86% of respondents were very concerned and 13% of women were concerned about the main conclusion of the study published in April.

63% of women in our survey stated they didn’t feel able to identify the chemicals, that researchers stated may be cause for concern, and a further 30% stated that they can only sometimes identify these chemicals.

The most recent Nielson Beauty & Personal Care Report stated that black women spend nearly nine-times more than their non-black counterparts on hair products, demonstrating a high quantity of product consumption, which means exposure to any chemicals could be high and long-term.

More Information

We really appreciate your support! Let’s make a difference and once and for all get to the bottom of this issue. For more information please email HERE and you can also sign up to the My Haircare Nightmare mailing list here

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